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Hints and Auspices
Updated Saturday December 30, 2006
"A place to call home."
1.  A RED or PINK menu button indicates which
menu page you are viewing.  A few pages are not
on a menu.  This one is not, for example.

2.  The entire table of contents is on the
Site Map.  

Hyperlinks ("links") to other sites, documents,
pages on this and other sites, and email are
underlined and function in various ways.  Linking to
another site opens its home page in a new window.

Example: click on the underlined link for Boy Scout
Troop 648 on the
Ministries to Youth Page.  Troop
648's web site opens in a new window. Clicking on
a picture enlarges it in a new window.  
Close the
new window to return
.  When in doubt, click on
Home or the name of the church.  Try different
things -- you can't hurt the site.  Go to the photos
for a demo on using the new photo albums.
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